FIONA DIXON DESIGNS, Scarborough, Western Australia

Fiona DixonLearning to make hats in Perth, Western Australia has proved to be very difficult with the major educational institutions not offering millinery courses that are readily available in other States. Due to the many enquiries received, I have begun teaching small, personalised classes at my workroom. These classes are tailored to what students on the day are most interested in achieving rather than a structured class where all students make the same style.

Being in Western Australia poses lots of problems re: supplies, blocks etc because of the isolation. The aim of the day is to teach the beginner the terminology of millinery, products, and handling, dyeing and production techniques. I demonstrate how to use everyday items for shaping your styles in the beginning so that you can start your millinery journey without having the expensive outlay of blocks initially.

The day will give you the skills to create your own pieces confidently. I describe the day as learning the skills to make “The Hat” but not making “The Hat” on the day. Millinery is really a basic understanding of the skills required with many hours of practice to hone those skills. I am happy to run classes outside of the Metro area.
Other classes run depending upon demand are:-
Silk Flower making – Advanced and Beginner
Sculptured Parasisal Headwear
Wire Work
Shaping and making hat blocks
Trimmings and Details

Tel: 08 92455994 Address: 185 Burniston St, Scarborough, WA 6019