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Introduction to Sinamay

My classic beginners class! You will learn ALL the millinery basics, including blocking, wiring, finishing, a simple trim. Block and trim (decorate) a small hat to take home! Or attempt a bigger, more complex shape, and trim the next day!

Everything Buntal!

You’ll be amazed what you can achieve with some creative free shaping with these versatile buntal straws! Learn how to achieve a professional finish, and attach securely to your head. Instant hat for the races.

Straw Braid Bow, Bandeau, Turban, Trims

Discover the delights of luscious glossy Racello braid as we weave together colours and forms to create some striking headwear! Choose between a Delpozo inspired Bow bandeau or turban or possibly a bit of both! We will experiment! Add stripes or blocks of colour!

Everything Straw Braid!

Learn how to form piece and shape beautiful Swiss straw braids over a blocked base to make a hat. Create stripes, bands and sections for a stunning effect! You will love this glossy textured millinery material for your hats!

Sculpted Felt, Felt Trims and Introduction to Inset Work!

Discover the delights of hand forming and sculpting pliable millinery felts into creative organic designs! Discover a variety of design ideas and techniques for using your leftover felt pieces to create stunning trims. Finish with a demonstration of felt inset work, or, try yourself if time permits!

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Everything Felt!

Learn essential tips and techniques on how to work with this classic millinery material. Block a one piece design on a traditional wooden hat block(s), or you can attempt a two piece design if you’re coming both days. Boaters, cloches, berets and buttons… there are many options! Choose between luxurious fur felt, or practical wool. […]

Sinamay Brim Extensions

A sinamay brim extension is a light and delicate way to extend or finish a brim. Learn this technique with Louise Macdonald to complete a parisisal straw hat with a brim. Suitable for intermediate or advanced millinery students.

Dior Brims from Buntal Mats

Create a structured “Dior” style brimmed hat from a buntal mat without the use of blocks. When you first venture into the world of millinery, compiling a collection of good blocks happens over time. In the absence of an extensive block collection, the ability to make and create a diverse range of hat shapes is […]


WITH GALINA KOFOD Participants will go through all the stages of the process of creating a rose and a flower of your choice from the leather. This will include the preparation of materials, making patterns, dying materials, assembling and finishing techniques. During this class students will learn in detail how to make a beautiful realistic looking […]