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Leather & Silk Flowers

Tutor: Galina Kofod Students will go through all the stages of creating flowers from silk and leather. This will include the preparation of materials, dying them, making patterns, assembling and finishing techniques. In this workshop, the students will have the opportunity to learn a famous Japanese flower making technique, Somebana. This enables the students to individualize each and every flower. […]

Raffia HAT Making Class

With Diana Cavagnaro This 2-day class will demonstrate the procedure for dyeing and plaiting raffia, which is, then hand sewn over polyurethane hat blocks.  The inside of the hat is then finished with a Petersham ribbon or an optional lining.  Kits can be ordered that will contain the raffia and polyurethane hat blocks.  The blocks […]

Advanced Techniques

“Design the perfect felt or straw hat for your wardrobe” This workshop offers the opportunity to make a hat by either hand draped or blocked method, in either felt or straw. Jumping off from skills gained in prior workshops students will come to the workshop with a design in mind that they would like to […]

Straw Fedora and Boater

“Blocking the shape and draping the pinch” In this 2-day workshop students will learn to block a straw hat into a classic fedora or boater shape using a 2 part hat block and customizing the hat with the hand draping method. Exploring many options for traditional trimming, students will learn to finish their hat with […]

By-Request Weekend

“The first to sign up chooses the class!” Be the first to sign up and create a special workshop suited to your interests. Look at past workshops and let me know what type of hat making you are interested in. Once we finalize the details, I will send out another workshop announcement to the student list or if you have a […]

Fedora and Bowler

“Blocking the shape and draping the pinch” In this 2-day workshop students will learn to block a felt into a classic fedora or bowler shape using a 2 part hat block and customizing the hat with the hand draping method to create the crown shape of choice. Exploring many options for trimming, students will learn […]


“Make the free-form felt hat of your dreams” Learn free-form draping and hand sewing skills needed to create a soft draped felt hat that fits perfectly. Using steam and a basic head shaped block, students will learn to make a small or large brimmed hat of their own design and a variety of techniques for […]

Carving Your Own Hat Blocks – Jane Smith

In this three day master class, you will learn how to design and carve both crowns and brims from a high density polystyrene block. Your brims can be two sided, able to block on both sides, or single sided, based on your designs. The class includes all of your supplies and tools for creating 5 […]

Classic Fedoras & Homburgs – Jane Smith

This class will cover how to stiffen and hand block traditional fur felt fedoras and homburgs using open crown blocks. We will create crown “creases” and “indents” by hand along with curled brims, clean cut brim edges and grosgrain edging by both hand and machine. A variety of hat band styles will also be explored. […]

Period Shakos and Peaked Hats – Jane Smith

Using buckrum as the base & a leather visor, you will be taught both traditional millinery hand sewing techniques along with modern machine work, to create a shako hat from your choice of designs. You will also learn how to create a feather plume or pompom. All of your supplies to complete the shako, trimmings […]