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Vintage Inspired Woolfelt Hats

The 1930s & 40s were among the most inventive periods of hat history. Difficult events worldwide left milliners with little to work with but their own ingenuity. This lead to a flowering of small-scale creative shapes. In this three-day class, instructor Laura Whitlock will guide student through the process of creating hats inspired by this […]

Fabric Covered Hats

Blocking buckram is an indispensable skill for a well-rounded milliner. It’s the basis of many fabric-covered fashion and theatrical hats, allowing one to perfectly match a dress or costume. In this two-day class, instructor Laura Whitlock will guide students through the fundamentals of this classic technique. Day 1: Using blocks carved in the previous one-day class, […]

Carving Hat Blocks

Carve a headblock and many other shapes in this one day class. This is a great skill to have, and allows you to expand your blocking inventory with a minimum of cost. You will be able to carve several blocks during the one day course. The blocks are carved from high quality polystyrene foam and […]

A Hat in a Day – Fascinating Horsehair

Horsehair, or crin, is one of millinery’s most versatile materials. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, it lends itself to the creation of whimsical shapes and styles. In this one-day workshop, instructor Laura Whitlock will show students a numbers of techniques for crafting fascinators or small hats from horsehair including gathering, wiring […]

Leather & Lace Hats Workshop

This three-day class will combine two of contemporary millinery’s most exciting materials. Instructor Laura Whitlock will guide students through a variety of methods including blocked leather, lace overlays andstiffened lace trims. Day One: We’ll begin with the basics of seclecting and handling leather speciafically for millinery use. Next, students will learn how to block leather through […]

A Hat in a Day – The Joy of Jinsin Workshop

What are those incredible fabrics used in show stopping hats? In this one-day workshop, instructor Laura Whitlock will guide students as we learn to work with Jinsin, Pinokpok and Silk Abaca to craft one-of-a-kind draped hats. We will discover how to let these materials guide us through the process of pleating, twisting and folding to […]

Block Your Socks Off!

If we have learned anything about instructor Laura Hubka over the years, it is that she is passionate about the art of blocking a hat. So, we are letting her have at it by offering this new Three Day Blocking Bootcamp here at Judith M. This class is geared towards those with blocking experience who […]

A Hat in a Day- Get to know PinokPok!

Chances are you have worked with Sinamay. But have you had a chance to meet her close friend Pinok Pok? This delightful material has the drape of Abaca without the strong grain. The effect is a lux, linen like feel. And the colors are as rich as the texture. This gorgeous straw is sold by […]

Growing a Millinery Business

Love hats but stumped on how to market them?  Making hats is the easy part, selling can be the hard part.  In this two day workshop, we will creatively find ways to jump that hurdle.  Polly went from making hats in her apartment to ending up in the Winner’s Circle at the Kentucky Derby.  You […]

A Hat in a Day – Sinamay Workshop

While this day is devoted to learning many tricks for using up scraps of sinamay, the object is to complete a headpiece that will attach to a headband (provided). The rules being, no blocking and no dying. We will manipulate sinamay by hand and machine, using scissors, water, needle and thread and a whole lot […]