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Fabulous Felt

Blocking felt is a fundamental millinery skill, but the wonders of this material don’t end there. Felt can be used to create trims, textures and intricate details in order to make hats that are far from the ordinary. In this three-day class, instructor Laura Whitlock will guide students through the wide range of possibilities in […]

Block Your Socks Off!

If we have learned anything about instructor Laura Hubka over the years, it is that she is passionate about the art of blocking a hat. So, we are letting her have at it by offering this Three Day Blocking Bootcamp here at Judith M. This class is geared towards those with blocking experience who are […]

Dynamic Draping Workshop

I think by now, everyone knows of Ms. Hubka’s love of free-forming Sinamay. But did you know that traditional Millinery hoods and capelines can be draped as well? Wool felt, Velours, Parasisols, even Toyos! The amount of draping each piece gets is entirely up to you. We can fabulously freeform the entire design, or incorporate […]

Yards of Fun Workshop

Maybe you’ve been wondering what the difference is between Pinokpok and Jinsin. And abaca? And Sinamay? And what in the world is Paris net? Take advantage of this 3 day class and get to know all about these beautiful materials. While they all come on a bolt, they have as many differences as they do […]

Perchers & Platters Workshop

Perchers and Platters are the darlings of the Millinery world, but what exactly are they? These architectural marvels are at once vintage inspired and deliciously modern. Seen on the Royals as often as at the Races, these designs hold incredible detail…and sometimes seemingly impossible angles! Learn how to create pieces that hold their placement with […]

Couture Leather Blocking Workshop

The magically seamless shapes of blocked leather offer exquisitely smooth, sculptural hats, which also serve as elegant bases for embellishments. These traditional techniques for blocking light-weight leathers were passed down by an artist/milliner from the Balenciaga Fashion House in Paris. Combined with tips and variations Eia has developed over three decades while working with headsize […]

Versatile Wire Frames Workshop

The creation of wireframes may be the most versatile of all millinery techniques.  Crafted of millinery wire covered with fabric or wrapped with a variety of materials, they can be the basis of everything from traditional transparent hats to avant-garde masterpieces.  Wire cutters, pliers and basic sewing notions are the only tools needed to create […]

An Intimate Millinery Experience Workshop

Prepare your millinery for the block. Learn to shape the hat. Learn how to prepare the fabric/material of choice. Learn how to steam items, smooth, shape, iron, dry, stiffen. Learn to create your own inspiration. Each millinery project is directed by what you want to create. Milliner David Dunkley will help you learn the couture […]

Millinery Medley Workshop

Are you hungry to learn a few unique tips and techniques that will take your millinery to the next level? Jan will be touching on these and a few more over the two days: veiling (full face & flat-veiled brim) and how to attach; fabulous fabric/wire swirls; floating feathers; and creating unique trims from straw […]

Film Noir Inspired Hats

A face-framing fedora, an alluring face veil, the sweep of a brim—let’s explore the mysterious darker side of millinery as we consider the femme fatale in all her hatted glory. In this three-day class, students will make two felt hats (one sewn and one blocked) inspired by Film Noir. We’ll add to the mystery with […]