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Blocking and Sculpting Leather (suitable for beginners) Learn all the basics of how to block leather over a hatblock with a suitable foundation and lining and get a flawless finish. We will also create a sculpted piece, free shaping the leather into beautiful folds and pleats over a base. Make A Headpiece with Leather Feathers or […]


Classic Blocked Felt Hat (suitable for beginners) Learn essential tips and techniques on how to work with this classic millinery material. Block a one piece design on a traditional wooden hat block(s), or you can attempt a two piece design if you’re coming both days. Boaters, cloches, berets and buttons… there are many options! Choose between […]

Everything Feathers!

Feather Basics: Cutting, Curling, Dying, Making Trims Get to grips with millinery’s most versatile and best loved decoration, feathers. We will cover feather types, cutting, curling and shaping, introduction to dying, how to make a feather mount or trim ready to attach to a hat or headband, and much more! Make a Feather Headpiece, Floating […]

Silk Abaca Braid and Knot Headbands

Stuck for Christmas gifts??? Make up a beautiful on trend strawcloth headband your friends and family will love! Or how about one for yourself 😉 This abaca fabric has a wonderful silky sheen and comes in a wide range of jewel bright colours. Learn great tips and tricks for handling this materials plus headband construction […]

Make A Silk Abaca Headpiece! Flowers, Bows and Turban Wraps

Create some amazing trims… beautiful flowers with layered and wired silk abaca petals; vibrant silky bows; draped and twisted turban wraps and knots! Add these to a hat (if you came on Saturday!) and/or arrange them on a headband for an instant FOTF piece you will love!

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Blocked Silk Abaca Base with Sculpted Trim

Learn all the basics of how to block silk abaca straw cloth over a hat block with a base of sinamay and get a flawless finish. We will trim your piece with some elegantly scrolled and draped silk abaca. Take home a hat! Instant glamour!

Sinamay Headpieces and Trims!

Learn clever tricks and techniques for manipulating sinamay into some beautifully effective leaves, flowers, bows, curls, and sculpted headpieces. Arrange on a hat, base or headband for a stunning Spring piece! Get the most out of this versatile and inexpensive millinery material…

Introduction to Sinamay

My classic beginners class! You will learn ALL the millinery basics, including blocking, wiring, finishing, a simple trim. Block and trim (decorate) a small hat to take home! Or attempt a bigger, more complex shape, and trim the next day!

Everything Buntal!

You’ll be amazed what you can achieve with some creative free shaping with these versatile buntal straws! Learn how to achieve a professional finish, and attach securely to your head. Instant hat for the races.

Straw Braid Bow, Bandeau, Turban, Trims

Discover the delights of luscious glossy Racello braid as we weave together colours and forms to create some striking headwear! Choose between a Delpozo inspired Bow bandeau or turban or possibly a bit of both! We will experiment! Add stripes or blocks of colour!