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Silk English Rose – Japanese Technique

WITH GALINA KOFOD In this workshop students will learn a famous Japanese flower making technique known as Somebana. The flowers make using this technique look much more realistic than flowers made with the traditional French flower making technique. Participants will go through all the stages of the process of creating flowers from the silk. This […]

Creating a leather flower of your own design

WITH GALINA KOFOD Participants will go through all the stages of the process of creating flowers from the leather. This will include the preparation of materials, making patterns, assembling and finishing techniques. Students will learn how to work with a wide range of Japanese style flower making tools. The students will learn in detail how […]

Pillbox Perfection with Dillon Wallwork

In this workshop students will learn the complex technique of blocking, covering with fabric and forming an insert of a contrast panel. Create a stylish bow to trim, plus learn the professional skill of how to secure the hat to the head. This class is NOT for beginners. Students need hand sewing skills, experience in […]


MasterClass: “Surrealist and Architectural Hats” Course duration: 2 days = 12 hours (6 hours per day) • Course description: The students will learn how to make a three dimensional, angular hat out of special card board covered with fabric. They will start by free forming the hat, later create a pattern and hand stitch the […]


MasterClass “Sculpting with Silk” –  Inspired in the collection “Carnivorous Plants” Course Duration: 2 days = 16 hours • Course description: In this hands on class you will explore the world of wild silk (Dupioni) and create a beautifully sculpted headpiece inspired by the pitcher plant. Discover the endless possibilities of working with wild silk […]