Galina Kofod is famous for  her incredible flowers made from vastly different materials such as silk, leather and  thermoplastic. Using her  knowledge of the Japanese Somebana flower making school,  she has developed her own style and technique. With this technique, Galina achieves a perfect reflection of nature.

Galina Kofod is a popular and in demand  International Millinery Tutor.  She has held numerous workshops, all around Australia, including two International Millinery Conventions.  She has conducted classes  in   France, USA and England.  Galina’s  signature flowers are an essential element of all her headpieces.

Galina had so many requests  from milliners  around the world, who couldn’t come to her  classes to  learn her technique, so she decided to create  her own Tutorials.  Now  it will be easy for everyone to make a same beautiful flowers!
EMAIL: / TEL: 0448172972