HANA SKORPILOVA, Prague Millinery School, Czech Repulic

hana skorpilovaHANA SKORPILOVA, Prague Millinery School

Hana Skorpilová has been teaching traditional, classic and modern techniques, including art freestyle, of women’s hat making since 2009. Hana’s education and creative license are based on a revival and understanding of original traditional millinery practices, and she transfers this experience to the students. Artistic liberty is taken in combining traditional and modern design. Hana is an experienced and cheerful group leader and successfully always finishes classes with awe and love for her students. Hana Škorpilová regularly prepares courses / workshops. The courses are suitable for complete beginners but it is possible to establish proficiency and do original designs.

Course prices are affected by the economic situation in the Czech Republic and are therefore among the lowest in the EU. Basic courses offered include:

Shaped berets
The ancient almost forgotten handmade technology of shaped berets as well as fashion from beginning- to mid-20th century. This course also includes special hand-shaping with steam, working on unique antique hat forms, and emphasizes hand sewing & precision finishing.

Classic women’s hats with a brim

Satin-covered beret, fabric hats, turbans

Stiffened transparent lace hats

Creative fabulous millinery

Free form modern Sinamay hats and headpieces

Wet felting wool hats

Courses are offered for unexperienced beginners up to advanced students.

Classes take place in the beautiful Czech capital of Prague. The studio classroom is right in the heart of the city center. Though our courses are two-day, it is possible to request longer term private classes. A bonus opportunity is available to visit the Czech factory Tonak where students can buy wholesale the highest quality hat bodies made of rabbit in the world. This is a private day-long trip. The millinery school workshop is equipped with a unique collection of antique forms.

Courses are either in groups (per the listed program) or individual (per request). Hana always welcomes individual teaching on specific topics upon request.

Course program at Hana Skorpilová’s Prague millinery school.

photo gallery from courses offered since 2009
e-mail: hana.skorpilova@volny.cz