OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello, my name is Kay. I am a native Californian, and have been in the millinery business more than twenty-five years. My designs have been sold in California and other states, including Hawaii. I have taught millinery classes at various US locations including California colleges, community centers, and most recently in Memphis Tennessee.

I have always loved fashion, but little did I know my love for fashion and millinery would last more than two decades. When meeting new people many are amazed to find I am a milliner, and want to know what prompted me to start making the hats.

The truth is while following the story of Lady Diana Spencer and her prince to be I was inspired, because it reminded me of the Cinderella tale I along with many other little girls were told as children. Their story and the observation of the country’s fashions inspired me to want to start a hat making business.

While seeking hat-making classes I learned the art of millinery was one of the best-kept secrets, because few instructors were willing to share their knowledge with new wanna-be-milliners. Finding a teacher seemed hopeless, but I was determined and found Wilma Rhea who was one of the top milliners on the west coast. She shared her art of millinery with me and others before passing.

Since that time, my desire to try different methods on my own has allowed me to create many beautiful hats. I now share the art I was so fortunate to learn, and teach basic hat blocking, covering, frame making, and advanced hat making techniques. If you would like more information about me, classes, or upcoming workshops please visit my website: www.kaysartofmillinerycalifstyle.com, or e-mail me kaydurdenusa@aim.com US residents may call me at 318 792-5757. By the way, watching Prince William’s wedding more than twenty years after his mother inspired me, brought back many memories.