Australian milliner, Louise Macdonald has been making hats for well over 25 years. Originaly she trained in London, UK as a theatrical milliner making hats for productions such as Pride and Prejudice and House Of Elliot. Working in Melbourne for the past 25 years Louise has developed contemporary techniques using sinamay and buntal mats to create unique structured and freeform hats and trims.

Over the years, Louise has taught at various tertiary colleges, presented at international workshops/ conventions and offered millinery courses from her Melbourne studio. In 2014 and 2015 her role was Education Consultant for the Millinery Association of Australia. She has developed a reputation as one of Australia’s leading millinery educators.

In 2018 Louise taught at the Millinery Meet Up in Tennessee USA and The Netherlands and Ireland in Europe sharing her sinamay and buntal Mat techniques. Contemporary Sinamay Techniques is her first online course available through The Hat Academy.

You can see more of Louise Macdonald Milliner’s designs on her website: www.millinery.com.au

Instagram: @louisemacdonaldmilliner

Facebook: Louise Macdonald Milliner

Email: louise@millinery.com.au

Phone: +61409013245

Course registration here: https://millinery.com.au/learn-millinery-form.html

To read more about Louise, go to: http://www.millinery.com.au/about-louise.html