Basic Straw Blocking Techniques by Wayne Wichern

North American Millinery Group Online

Learn basic skills for blocking straw. Millinery students are often surprised how physical the hat blocking process is. You will be shown how to maximize your physical strength, leverage to control the blocking process, and how to efficiently tie off the straw materials on the hat blocks to maximize shaping efforts. Discussion and best uses […]

Jinsin Straw Sun Hat with Jasmin Zorlu

East Village Hats 80 E 7th st, East Village, NY

Learn how to shape and sculpt Jinsin, a delightfully sculptural straw material, into your own sun hat or cocktail hat. 'Jinsin', also called 'buntal', is a fine fiber from stalks of unopened leaves of talipot palms grown in the Philippines and is handwoven there on wooden looms into flat yardage. Basic sewing machine and hand […]

Make a Straw Hat

Sydney Community College 2A Gordon Street, Rozelle, NSW

Learn to make your own hat! In this short course, you will learn many traditional aspects of millinery and will make and take home a hat or headpiece that you have made yourself. Each 4 week session will focus on a different millinery material– Sinamay, Felt, or Straw to create a classic style such as […]