Feather Masterclass with Ian Bennett

Dyeing, Cutting and Constructing a Feather Wing

Feathers can be sleek, bold and bright, fluffy and even floral. They aren’t just a trimming , they are an incredible natural creation! In this masterclass, couture milliner Ian Bennett will teach you a variety of techniques for working with feathers, including, preparing, dyeing, cutting and mounting. The course will take you through several stages of working with feathers and you will then go on to use your dyed and cut feathers to construct a feather wing.

What You Will Learn
In this course, you will learn:

  • Ian’s tried and tested techniques for modifying feathers to enhance their natural beauty
  • How to prepare feathers and a dye bath for optimum results
  • How to elevate affordable feathers with cutting and dyeing
  • How to construct a naturalistic feather wing project

In addition, the course includes:

  • Beautiful hand drawn sketches with notes to deepen your understanding of feathers
  • Exercises to help you practice and consolidate your learning
  • Practical advice and ideas on how to use your newly developed skill and where to find further inspiration

This on demand course contains approximately 110 minutes of video content accompanied by written resources.

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On Demand


London Hat Week

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