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Millinery Design 1 – weekly

This course provides an introduction to basic millinery materials, tools and techniques, as well as common styles, design and fit guidelines. Students will design and complete 2 fascinators and 1 […]

Felt Fedora

In this 7.5 hour class, you will learn how to make a classic fedora, working with a dress weight fur felt and using millinery blocking techniques. Students will use a […]

Newsboy Cap

By request ~ a workshop for the classic Newsboy Cap. This class is a fantastic introduction to the methods used to pattern, cut and sew fabric hats. It resembles garment construction much […]

Structure & Form: Bias Sinamay Fascinators

This was everyone’s favorite technique out of all that I taught during the 5-day Millinery Masterclass at Austin Community College this summer. It’s a fun and fast method for creating a […]

Felt Fedora

Students will learn how to block a fedora, working with a heavy weight fur felt and using traditional millinery blocking techniques. The technique allows you to hand sculpt a variety […]

Draped Felt Cloches

Tutor: Laura Del Villaggio Students will learn how to block a free-form cloche hat using a felt hood and a balsa utility block. You will use steam to soften the […]

Draped Fur Felt Cloche Class

In this 9-hour weekend workshop, you will learn how to make a free-form or draped cloche hat using traditional millinery blocking techniques. The technique allows for a wide range of design possibilities, […]

Feather Fascinator Class

In this four hour class, each student will create one fabulous fascinator using a pre-made sinamay straw base. There will be several styles and color options available. The focus of […]

Hand-Dyed Sinamay Fascinator Class

The weekend class sold out so we added a second session! Meeting Monday, October 15th & Tuesday, October 16th 10 am – 4 pm. TWO SPOTS OPEN! In this two-day, 10 hour […]

Vintage Straw Cloth

In this two-day, 7 hour workshop, students will learn how to work with vintage straw cloth, creating a pillbox, beret or percher style hat. I will provide an overview of various vintage millinery textiles that […]