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Veils: Classic to Couture

In this two-day advanced skills workshop, students will learn how to work with various types of veiling to create 3 distinct designs: a blocked veil on fascinator base, a gathered veil […]

Structure & Form: Bias Sinamay Fascinators

Students will work with bias sinamay, balsa utility blocks and steamers to drape, wrap, twist and twirl unique free-form fascinators, bows or turbans. This was everyone’s favorite technique during the 5-day […]

Wire Frame Crowns

Students will design and construct crowns using millinery wire, add trims, and cover the frame for a smooth finish. Wire frames are constructed without hat blocks and of fairly inexpensive materials. Using wire, […]

Veils: Classic to Couture

Students will learn how to measure, cut and sew veiling, as well as the different types and widths that are available to modern-day milliners. We will work with 3 types of veiling in […]

Perfecting Brim Edges

In this one-day workshop, students will learn techniques for neatly finishing brim edges for both straw and felt hats. We will discuss how to measure, join and sew on millinery […]

Feather Fascinators

Each student will create one fabulous fascinator using a pre-made sinamay straw base. There will be several styles and color options available. The focus of this class will be feather […]