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Vegan Feathers with Laura Whitlock

There’s a growing mood in the hat-wearing community. Clients are increasingly expressing a preference for cruelty-free millinery. We tend to hear this most in  concerns about the use of feathers. […]

Straw to Gold with Laura Whitlock

Laura will draw on her 30+ years of experience as a professional costume craftsperson to share methods of creating metallic surfaces on millinery materials.  Students will learn techniques to give […]

Fabulous Felt

Blocking felt is a fundamental millinery skill, but the wonders of this material don’t end there. Felt can be used to create trims, textures and intricate details in order to […]

Versatile Wire Frames Workshop

The creation of wireframes may be the most versatile of all millinery techniques.  Crafted of millinery wire covered with fabric or wrapped with a variety of materials, they can be […]

Film Noir Inspired Hats

A face-framing fedora, an alluring face veil, the sweep of a brim—let’s explore the mysterious darker side of millinery as we consider the femme fatale in all her hatted glory. […]

The Brim is Back- Derby Hats Workshop

The brim is back and there’s no better place to celebrate than the Kentucky Derby! Laura Whitlock will guide this three-day class as we re-acquaint ourselves with creating track-worthy larger-scale […]

Vintage Inspired Woolfelt Hats

The 1930s & 40s were among the most inventive periods of hat history. Difficult events worldwide left milliners with little to work with but their own ingenuity. This lead to […]

Fabric Covered Hats

Blocking buckram is an indispensable skill for a well-rounded milliner. It’s the basis of many fabric-covered fashion and theatrical hats, allowing one to perfectly match a dress or costume. In […]

A Hat in a Day – Fascinating Horsehair

Horsehair, or crin, is one of millinery’s most versatile materials. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, it lends itself to the creation of whimsical shapes and styles. […]