Advanced Freeform Sinamay Techniques with Tracy Chaplin

East Village Hats 80 E 7th st, East Village, NY, United States

East Village Hats These advanced techniques have been developed to help you further expand your skills when working on the bias to create your Freeform Sinamay designs. During this workshop we will focus on new methods of design and construction using Sinamay straw.  Day 1 - We will explore smaller sculptural hat designs, layering techniques […]

Making a wire frame brim with Janet Linville

North American Millinery Group Online

Wire frame brims used to be quite common but are not as much these days. There are few who remember how to make them and that’s a shame because I think they lend themselves very well to Derby and Special Occasion millinery. While they appear delicate, they are actually quite strong and can be quite, […]