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Wool felt Trilby

Learn how to block and shape a crown and work with a flat patterned brim to make a super stylish trilby hat in just two days! Date: October 6th and 13th

Freeform blocking in Velour Felt

With Tracy Chaplin London Course This workshop will focus on the following techniques in detail. Preparing velour felt for blocking, freeform blocking techniques and manipulation, crown and brim techniques, inlay sections and applique. This workshop is suitable for all skill levels with a maximum of four students to allow time for personal tuition.

Felt Fedora

In this six hour class, you will learn how to make a classic fedora, working with a dress weight fur felt and using millinery blocking techniques. Students will use a steamer and iron to shape the fur felt hat body over a domed crown block then press a flat brim. The technique allows you to hand […]